Storage Unpacked 254 – Announcing VSP One and Hitachi Vantara Reorganisation with Gary Lyng

Chris EvansGuest Speakers, Hitachi Vantara, Storage, Storage Hardware, Storage Unpacked Podcast

In this live episode, recorded at Hitachi Exchange in Paris, Chris chats to Gary Lyng, VP of Products and Solutions at Hitachi Vantara. The company recently announced the VSP One platform, plus some organisational changes that will take Hitachi Vantara back to a focus on core infrastructure.

Storage Unpacked 250 – Infinidat announces SSA Express and higher capacity SSA II (Sponsored)

Chris EvansAll-Flash, Guest Speakers, Infinidat, Sponsored, Storage, Storage Hardware, Storage Unpacked Podcast

In this episode Chris gets an update on new announcements from Infinidat, including SSA Express and higher-capacity SSA II systems. SSA Express is a new feature of the InfiniBox “classic” platform that allows customers to implement what looks like a virtual SSA (all-flash array) within a hybrid InfiniBox. The solution effectively pins volumes in SSD rather than allowing the data to cascade to the HDD layer, with the benefit of SSA performance for no additional cost on 95% of hardware in the field. Infinidat has also introduced a new SSA II, the F4316T with up …

Storage Unpacked 249 – Introduction to Nyriad and the UltraIO Storage Platform

Chris EvansGuest Speakers, Nyriad, Inc., Storage, Storage Hardware, Storage Unpacked Podcast

In this episode, Chris talks to Derek Dicker, CEO at Nyriad about the UltraIO storage array. Nyriad has developed a new storage architecture using GPUs that accelerate the calculations needed to store data using erasure coding. This enables UltraIO to implement system-wide data protection using erasure coding at the block level. In contrast to most storage vendors in the market today, the UltraIO platform uses hard disk drives, with a GPU to process data ingested by the system, while data is presented back through the CPU route. This dual processor architecture enables Nyriad to deliver …

Storage Unpacked 240 – Predicting the HDD to SSD Transition Timeline

Chris EvansAll-Flash, Guest Speakers, Storage Hardware, Storage Unpacked Podcast

In this episode, Chris is joined by Phison CTO Sebastien Jean to discuss the transition from HDD to SSD. As pricing for the two media types comes close to reaching parity, this conversation looks at how the two media are evolving and how NAND flash SSDs are set to become the de facto choice for the enterprise data centre. The transition to an all-flash data centre has been predicted for some time, however end game could be on the horizon as soon as 2025 or 2026. The Phison blog discussed by Sebastien can be found …