About This Site

This podcast is recorded and produced by Architecting IT, an organisation focused on creating content and helping enterprise IT end users make the right decisions in choosing technology.

This podcast focuses on hybrid and multi-cloud. Both are strategies for deploying applications across private and public cloud infrastructures. The process is complex and challenging as enterprises build ever complex frameworks for their applications.

We tackle the challenges in six main areas:

  • Data Storage – platforms, systems and software.
  • Data Management – processes for protecting and managing application data.
  • Platform Management – orchestration, automation
  • Compute & Operating Systems – hardware, software and virtualisation.
  • Networking & Security – Networks, data and application security.
  • Applications & DevOps – Application frameworks, DevOps and DataOps

Each podcast episode covers a single topic and usually involves a guest that explains how their technology helps end users. Episodes are released in series and not published with any particular cadence or time interval.


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