Data Unpacked 003 – Protecting the Cloud for Free with HYCU Protégé

Chris EvansCloud, Data Protection, Data Unpacked Podcast, Guest Speakers, HYCU Inc

In this episode of Data Unpacked, we talk to Subbiah Sundaram (Senior VP of Products) and Andy Fernandez (Director of Product Marketing) from HYCU. The company recently announced a free tier of the HYCU Protégé service for developers working in Amazon Web Services. Users can quickly get started and protect data, with the option to upgrade later to paid features.

Storage Unpacked 240 – Predicting the HDD to SSD Transition Timeline

Chris EvansAll-Flash, Guest Speakers, Storage Hardware, Storage Unpacked Podcast

In this episode, Chris is joined by Phison CTO Sebastien Jean to discuss the transition from HDD to SSD. As pricing for the two media types comes close to reaching parity, this conversation looks at how the two media are evolving and how NAND flash SSDs are set to become the de facto choice for the enterprise data centre. The transition to an all-flash data centre has been predicted for some time, however end game could be on the horizon as soon as 2025 or 2026. The Phison blog discussed by Sebastien can be found …

#239 – Unpacking the details of PCI Express 7.0 with Al Yanes

Chris EvansFlash Memory Summit 2022, Guest Speakers, Storage Unpacked Podcast

The PCI-SIG recently announced the next generation of PCI Express – 7.0 – will be released in 2025. We’ve only just heard about PCIe 6.0 (see this recent podcast), so it’s interesting to see that the working group is already committed to extending the performance and capabilities of PCIe further into the future. Chris caught up with Al Yanes (President and Chairperson of PCI-SIG) earlier this year at Flash Memory Summit to get an update. This podcast was recorded after the event and goes into the detail about the improvements. The timeline for PCI Express …

#238 – SAS 24GB+ Updates with Rick Kutcipal

Chris EvansFlash Memory Summit 2022, Guest Speakers, Standards, Storage Unpacked Podcast

Once again Chris is joined by Rick Kutcipal, board member with the SCSI Trade Association. It’s been four years since episode #74 when Rick provided an update on SAS 24Gb. This time, Rick has details of new features in 24Gb+. What does the “plus” mean in this context? While the bus speed may not be increasing, new features (+) are continually being added to the SAS protocol, hence the additional designation. In this episode, Rick discusses some interesting enhancements to drive management, mainly driven by the demands of hyper-scalers. These include Command Duration Limits, Format …