Data Unpacked 005 – Securing SaaS Data Protection Solutions with Commvault Metallic (Sponsored)

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In this recording, Chris talks with David Ngo (CTO for Metallic) and Indu Peddibhotla (VP Products at Commvault) on how Commvault and the Metallic platform implement secure SaaS data protection. Customers depend on Metallic to recover from ransomware and other data loss scenarios. This puts more pressure on SaaS backup to be secure, protected and impregnable from assault. Commvault uses a set of design principles in its approach with Metallic that include; Security built-in, Certification, Air-gapped security, audit trails, multi-factor authentication, zero-trust methodology and early threat detection to achieve secure status. In the conversation, David …

Data Unpacked 003 – Protecting the Cloud for Free with HYCU Protégé

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In this episode of Data Unpacked, we talk to Subbiah Sundaram (Senior VP of Products) and Andy Fernandez (Director of Product Marketing) from HYCU. The company recently announced a free tier of the HYCU Protégé service for developers working in Amazon Web Services. Users can quickly get started and protect data, with the option to upgrade later to paid features.

#213 – Kubernetes-Native Data Protection

#213 – Kubernetes-Native Data Protection

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With KubeCon North America 2021 looming, Chris and Martin spend this week looking at data protection for Kubernetes-native environments. Vendors have started to introduce backup solutions, some working within the container environment itself, some outside as part of existing products. Exactly what should be backed up and how should these products work? Are we right to continue using snapshots or is there a better way? Do these solutions capture and retain enough metadata to provide for efficient data recovery? Lots of questions to ask and be answered in this show. Elapsed Time: 00:39:00 Timeline Related …

#205 – 25 Years of Commvault & the Power of And (Sponsored)

#205 – 25 Years of Commvault & the Power of And (Sponsored)

Chris Evans Commvault, Data Management, Data Protection, Guest Speakers, Sponsored, Storage Unpacked Podcast

In this week’s episode, Chris and Martin have a great conversation with David Ngo, CTO for Metallic at Commvault, and Ranga Rajagopalan, VP Product Management for Commvault and Metallic. Commvault is celebrating 25 years in data protection, while Metallic, a SaaS data protection solution from Commvault has been available for nearly two years. In this discussion, David and Ranga explain the background to Metallic and how customers have quickly adopted the SaaS model. With 25 years of product development, Commvault has a suite of solutions to call upon, including traditional data protection software, appliances and …