#129 – Choices for Persistent Container Storage with Niraj Tolia

#129 – Choices for Persistent Container Storage with Niraj Tolia

Chris EvansContainers, Data Management, Data Protection, Software-Defined Storage

This week Chris records a live podcast episode with Niraj Tolia, co-founder and CEO at Kasten Inc. As a follow-up to online discussions that dive into how container storage should be presented to Kubernetes (and other container) environments, this episode reviews some of Chris’ thoughts and Niraj’s opinions on the market as to how persistent storage should evolve. The discussion starts by reviewing the idea of either block or file storage for container environments and moves on to discuss whether application-based replication could simply replace the need to have a persistent storage back-end. The Container …

#97 – Building Storage Using NVMe/TCP with Kam Eshghi from Lightbits Labs

#97 – Building Storage Using NVMe/TCP with Kam Eshghi from Lightbits Labs

Chris EvansGuest Speakers

This episode was recorded live at Dell Technologies World 2019.  Chris talks to Kam Eshghi, VP of Strategy & Business Development at Lightbits Labs.  Lightbits has pioneered the development of NVMe/TCP, which allows standard Ethernet NICs to be used for NVMe-over-Fabrics storage traffic. The ability to implement NVMe-oF without custom NICs (like RDMA) offers the potential to deploy NVMe fabrics in hyper-scaler and enterprise data centres with lower cost and complexity compared to existing solutions, but what are the drawbacks?  Kam explains how NVMe/TCP can be implemented on high-speed networks that even include multiple switch …

#93 – Myspace Loses 12 Years’ of Music

#93 – Myspace Loses 12 Years' of Music

Chris EvansData Management, Garbage Collection

This week, Chris and Martin discuss the issues at Myspace, which recently disclosed that 12 years’ worth of user content had been lost during a (failed) server migration.  The once-mighty Myspace was the largest social networking site from 2005 to 2009 (according to Wikipedia) and had estimated revenues of $109 million in 2011.  So, how could a company with such as large valuation and solid revenue manage to lose data so easily? In 2005, News Corporation purchased Myspace for $580 million, later selling he company in 2011 for a rumoured $35 million.  Would there have …

#90 – Dell EMC’s Enterprise NVMe Strategy with Vince Westin (Sponsored)

#90 – Dell EMC's Enterprise NVMe Strategy with Vince Westin (Sponsored)

Chris EvansGuest Speakers, Sponsored

This week, Chris talks to Vince Westin, Technical Evangelist within the PowerMax Group at Dell EMC.  PowerMax is the latest in a storage product line with lineage back to the original Symmetrix systems of the early 1990s.  PowerMax is an all-NVMe storage array, reflecting an industry move towards faster, low latency media.  Vince takes us through the rationale for moving to NVMe across the Dell portfolio and PowerMax in particular. Some of the more interesting aspects of the transition include the ability to simplify code paths with NVMe compared to back-end SAS.  NVMe introduces a …