#223 – Task Specific Software-Defined Storage

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In this episode, Chris talks to Danny Abukalam about implementations for Software-Defined Storage (SDS), in particular the Task Specific model. Danny works in Product Engineering at SoftIron, a company that develops hardware platforms for Open Source software. In the storage market, SoftIron offers solutions that combine task-specific designed hardware with Ceph Open Source storage software. This podcast explores the evolution of SDS and the choices available for end users when deploying storage solutions. The conversation covers proprietary, DIY, supported, and task-specific solutions, weighing up the pros and cons of each.

You can find much more detail about the operating models for SDS in our free eBook, sponsored by SoftIron. This is free to download without registration here – https://www.architecting.it/product/brksw0140-ebook/.

For more information on SoftIron’s products and services, go to https://softiron.com/

Elapsed Time: 00:40:23


  • 00:00:00 – Intros
  • 00:01:45 – A brief history of Software-Defined Storage
  • 00:02:35 – Four phases of SDS
  • 00:06:50 – Open Source is a driver of SDS development
  • 00:09:00 – Modern storage is focused on software features
  • 00:11:00 – SDS deployment requires IT to be the end-to-end owner
  • 00:12:30 – Are enterprises more interested in self-build SDS?
  • 00:14:05 – How efficient is modern on-premises technology?
  • 00:19:05 – What is Ceph and where has the Ceph project reached?
  • 00:22:00 – How is Ceph being used?
  • 00:24:00 – Proprietary model – fixed hardware and software from the vendor
  • 00:27:45 – DIY model – pick, choose and support every component
  • 00:29:50 – Supported solution – narrow vendor HCL designs
  • 00:31:20 – Task Specific – hardware designed for Open Source software
  • 00:33:25 – New technology needs greater levels of management
  • 00:36:20 – What will the future of SDS be?
  • 00:39:00 – Wrap Up

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