#168 – Storage Unicorns

#168 – Storage Unicorns

Chris EvansGarbage Collection, Storage Unpacked Podcast

This week Chris and Martin review the idea of storage unicorns, companies that have a valuation of one billion dollars or more. What exactly is the basis or justification for a billion dollar price tag? Is this something invented by the VC industry or is there a real degree of science behind the assumptions? The list in question comes from a Blocks & Files article written by Chris Mellor, which in turn references the list produced by an analyst firm. While valuation based on some multiple of money invested does give some indication of value, …

#75 – It’s ILM All Over Again with Chris Mellor

#75 – It's ILM All Over Again with Chris Mellor

Chris EvansData Management, Garbage Collection

Data volumes have always increased over time as we store more information with the hope that one day some of it will be useful.  Even 30 years ago on the mainframe, Information Lifecycle Management or ILM was a thing with tools like DFHSM used to move content around between disk and tape.  This week Martin, Chris Evans and Chris Mellor talk about the new range of data management or ILM products that are looking to resolve the current issues of data sprawl. How do these products work?  It is all about data ingest, or just …