#83 – Introduction to NetApp MAX Data

#83 – Introduction to NetApp MAX Data

Chris EvansData Management, Guest Speakers

On this week’s podcast, recorded live at NetApp Insight 2018, Chris talks to Greg Knieriemen and Rob McDonald about the introduction of Memory Accelerated Data, commonly called MAX Data.  The MAX Data solution is a software product that implements a local file system on a server using local persistent memory such as Intel Optane.  Of course, this is what DAS (Direct Attached Storage) used to offer 20 years ago and this is definitely not what MAX Data provides.  Protection against loss within a server is achieved with a feature called MAX Recovery that synchronously replicates …

#80 – Discussing NetApp’s AI Strategy with Santosh Rao

#80 – Discussing NetApp's AI Strategy with Santosh Rao

Chris EvansGuest Speakers

In this podcast recorded at NetApp Insight 2018, Chris talks to Santosh Rao, Senior Technical Director at NetApp.  Santosh leads NetApp’s AI and Data Engineering efforts and has a 10-year history at the company, working on initiatives including Clustered ONTAP. This conversation covers how NetApp is developing an Edge-to-Core-to-Cloud strategy that includes collecting and processing data at the edge, storing it in the core and exploiting the AI tools of public cloud. End users want to make the most of CPU and GPU solutions, while minimising data movement.  Edge Solutions, including ONTAP Select provide the …