Storage Unpacked 255 – Data Management in a Hybrid Cloud World with Qumulo

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In this episode, Chris is in conversation with Ryan Farris (VP Product and Product Marketing) and Brandon Whitelaw (VP Cloud and Strategic Partnerships) at Qumulo. As the IT world becomes ever more focused on a hybrid cloud model, file storage becomes increasingly important, due to the legacy of applications and data already written to work with file servers.

However, file storage in the public cloud doesn’t have the same features and flexibility as native object or block storage solutions. Most solutions operate and feel like on-premises infrastructure, lifted and shifted to the public cloud. So, what should file storage look like in a hybrid cloud world? Listen to find out!

As we were recording this podcast, Qumulo was planning a big product announcement of the “Scale Anywhere” platform. New features include native support on Microsoft Azure and distributed file system capabilities. Check out the details here –

Elapsed Time: 00:39:29


  • 00:00:00 – Intros
  • 00:01:22 – How are customers moving their around the enterprise today?
  • 00:03:11 – How is data workflow changing?
  • 00:05:52 – Is most new data unstructured?
  • 00:07:30 – Unstructured data has become mission critical content
  • 00:08:50 – Where is new data being created?
  • 00:11:58 – File is becoming more important for cloud apps, but are they all useful?
  • 00:14:55 – Re-writing to an object store is not a cost efficient plan
  • 00:16:49 – Enterprises could have hundreds of apps writing to a central NAS platform
  • 00:18:55 – Object storage users expect worse latency than file systems
  • 00:20:40 – What data mobility solutions and requirements are we going to see?
  • 00:24:10 – NAS for hybrid cloud needs a new set of requirements
  • 00:27:05 – Requirements, presentation layer, endpoint capability, data moving capability
  • 00:30:15 – How does Qumulo deliver to these requirements?
  • 00:35:37 – What has Qumulo just announced?
  • 00:38:45 – Wrap Up

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