Soundbytes: Talking Object Storage With Jeff Lundberg

Soundbytes: Talking Object Storage With Jeff Lundberg

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In this Soundbytes edition of the Storage Unpacked podcast, Chris Evans takes the opportunity to chat with Jeff Lundberg (, Product Marketing Manager, within the content business area at Hitachi Data Systems.  Jeff covers the object storage part of the HDS business, in particular the HCP (Hitachi Content Platform).

We discuss what object storage is, how it can be used and why object stores are good for certain types of data.  We discuss how SDS (software-defined storage) has been kick started by the deployment of object storage and how metadata is key to managing and analysing content.  Finally we cover how object storage is a basis for storing IoT data.

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Further Reading

You can find more details on the HCP platform (here).  There are some additional reading links:

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