#238 – SAS 24GB+ Updates with Rick Kutcipal

Chris EvansFlash Memory Summit 2022, Guest Speakers, Standards, Storage Unpacked Podcast

Once again Chris is joined by Rick Kutcipal, board member with the SCSI Trade Association. It’s been four years since episode #74 when Rick provided an update on SAS 24Gb. This time, Rick has details of new features in 24Gb+. What does the “plus” mean in this context? While the bus speed may not be increasing, new features (+) are continually being added to the SAS protocol, hence the additional designation. In this episode, Rick discusses some interesting enhancements to drive management, mainly driven by the demands of hyper-scalers. These include Command Duration Limits, Format …

#61 – Introduction to NVM Express with Amber Huffman

#61 – Introduction to NVM Express with Amber Huffman

Chris EvansGuest Speakers, NVMe, Standards, Storage Unpacked Podcast

This is the second of a series of podcasts recorded at Flash Memory Summit 2018 in Santa Clara.  In this episode, Chris talks to Amber Huffman, Intel Fellow and President and founder of NVM Express Inc.  NVM Express is the standards body that governs the development of the NVMe base standard, NVMe-MI (Management Interface) and NVMe over Fabrics.  Amber explains how standards’ bodies are initially established, including the ongoing ownership of intellectual property.  The discussion continues, looking at how NVM Express standards are developed by committee, how the body is funded and how the process …